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The Adobe Originals, now available at Type Network.

For the first time, a storied library of classics and modern, original designs is available for extended licensing—only at Type Network.

A few from the vault: Some rarely seen Adobe Originals

Over the years, Adobe’s business model has evolved alongside its expanding library. One result is that there are some Adobe Originals—created in collaboration with other designers and lettering artists—that are not currently found in the company’s own Adobe Fonts service.…

A global approach with the Adobe Originals

Over the years, the Adobe Originals team developed and commissioned a large collection of high-quality global typefaces covering many of the world’s languages. Now, you can license that collection of international scripts directly from Type Network. 

Adobe Originals: More than just one collection

With a collection of typefaces so large and diverse as the Adobe Originals, it can be easy to overlook the conscious thought that went into cultivating it. There are good reasons to celebrate their most iconic families, but—over the years—the…

Building brands with Adobe Originals

From Hotel Monaco to Apple, some of the world’s best—and biggest—companies have chosen to brand themselves with Adobe Originals typefaces. Covering every style without sacrificing quality, their library offers something for each niche within each industry. This is how identity…

How to do more with Adobe Originals

If there’s anything more challenging than finding the right typeface, it might be understanding the license agreement that comes with it. When it comes to Adobe Originals fonts, their home in the Creative Cloud can send that task into unfamiliar…

A good recipe mixes the finest ingredients

The most successful Adobe Originals typefaces have shown time and time again how versatile they can be, providing their users with readability and sophistication in projects from the mundane to the sublime. While many of these families have been created…

The influence of Adobe Originals

In 2016, when Type Network stepped out into the world, one of its first partners was Adobe. As an inaugural partner of Adobe’s now-retired Typekit Marketplace, Type Network formalized a relationship that eventually led not only to hundreds of Type…